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3 Assignments ( $30 + $10 tip)Part 1 – Discussion – Emotional Intelligence Identify a real life example of Emotional Intelligence on display (as in, the opposite of the news stories we examined in the last module). You might draw on social media, build upon the news stories we identified in the Padlet, and/or references from the film. Connect these to our text, and what you have been reading. Make sure you are using text to back up what you are saying (Note: MLA format is required if you choose to respond in writing rather than using the video feature).1. Please include a link to your example. 2. Explain your example and how it illustrates clearly EI, connecting this to our text/reading and/or the module content/filmstalks3. Include images, if appropriate Respond to a minimum of two classmates in a thoughtful way. Part 2.) Research – How can we communicate more effectively ?ASSIGNMENT PART ONE: Complete a minimum of TWO online library workshop located here. In your submittal, include screen shots or a description of the workshops you completed. ASSIGNMENT PART TWO: Complete an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of a minimum of TEN SOURCES. Submit in proper MLA FORMAT . Format and instructions for the annotated bibliography can be found at the OWL at Purdue. Use MLA format, and number your entries 1-10 in alphabetical order. It may be that you use the five sources from the last module, so you will need five in addition. Or, it may be that you whittle some from that list, if they are not serving your research/essay. Don’t expect to use every source you find! Note: The point of this assignment is to conduct effective research in preparation for your writing project. In other words, compile sources you may use in your assignment — not just related sources, but the sources you think are BEST. I am anticipating that you will look at, read, and think about many more than TEN SOURCES. The minimum of TEN SOURCES listed here should be the ten that make the cut. Good research takes significant time, often more than writing. Remember EASYBIB as a guide for formatting, but don’t forget your annotations!________________________________ESSAY GUIDELINES:PROMPT: HOW CAN WE COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY?LENGTH: 5-8 pages, double spaced, MLA format. Minimum of ten sources/Works Consulted pagePart 3.) Formal Essay SubmittalThe essay is a definition essay asking you to define what EI (Emotional Intelligence) What skills and characteristics make up EI


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