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A Final Paper of ~1500 words will be DUE:
Your topic will be focused on the woman labor in technology base on the material I provide:
1. Film: Made In India (documentary) About the human experiences behind the phenomena of ‘outsourcing’ surrogate mothers to India.
2. The filed I attacked below
3. Search more materials about woman labor in technology
The subject of the paper is open and each student must discuss their idea with me in advance. Potential papers can include a formal analysis of a work of art, a description of an art project to (hypothetically) be produced at a later date, writing the “introduction” to an art exhibition on “Race, Technology, & The Human” that you curate, or writing a final paper about the current COVID-19 crisis, the Black Live Matter movement, Automation, AI, Climate Change, or other contemporary issues/events/etc. using concepts/ideas from “Race, Technology, & The Human.” I will also consider other options based on student proposals. The final paper will be 50% of your final grade.
All of these options, to a greater and lesser degree, will require you to:
1) make a claim (or argument): For example, for a hypothetical exhibition essay: why do these things go together, what is the central idea/narrative? What does this narrative differ from other narratives about the same subject? In an artwork analysis essay: what, for example, is it that you want the reader to know about the piece, why is the piece significant?
2) It will also require you to write in detail about specific pieces of art, films, texts – how are they connected to your central claim/narrative and how are they connected to the central ideas/narratives of the course?
3) What is the motive of the paper? Why should anyone go to it or read it? What are the stakes? In what ways does accepting your claim/narrative help the audience understand something new about your subject? Why is it not just interesting but important?
Generally speaking, a paper should include the following (though you can depart from this for certain papers, such as one about a hypothetical artwork to be made at a future date:
– A Title –
– An Introduction –
– What is the subject of the paper?
– Statement of argument about why this subject is significant
– The main body of the Paper –
– Discussion of other works on the subject.
– What have other people said about the subject, i.e. articles, newspaper stories, materials we’ve looked at in class
– What is your contribution?
– This could be an analysis that departs from what people have already said
– This could be counterexamples of articles, media, etc. that bring a new perspective
– These will develop the central idea/ideas from the introduction
– When discussing specific articles, media, ideas, and counter-ideas, remember to always connect specifics back to the main argument of your paper
– A Conclusion –
This is what I’ll be looking for you to articulate and write about when I grade your papers.
With these papers, I don’t want to overly define in advance what you should write. There will be ample time in class and outside of class to discuss what your paper will be about.
You will be required to cite sources if you are using them, and especially outside sources if you’re using things that are not class assigned materials. Do not plagiarize! If in doubt, cite! You may ask me about this if you’re uncertain. There is not a specific citation system that you have to use, but it needs to be consistent.
Consult this website:
You can/should include images, sketches, etc. But they do not replace the word count.
LATE Papers will be reduced 1/3 of a Letter Grade the first day and a full grade for each subsequent late day.
Finally, have fun, experiment, and do something that you find interesting since that will make it more interesting for your audience.


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