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Can you help me understand this Economics question?Explain the process for the procurement of professional services. How can you evaluate such an non-tangible commodity in an equitable manner, both when obtaining the service and upon receipt of the service?
How can “standards” assure both an acceptable product and discriminate against items appropriate products and brands not favored by the purchaser?
Discuss the role of efforts to prevent conflicts of interest in the purchasing process. Should this standard be by-passed if a vendor has proven in the past to be a good, reliable, and cost efficient vendor.
Describe some of the illegal practices in government purchasing with cited Louisiana examples.
When are uncompetitive contracts appropriate?
How is purchasing monitored to assure it is appropriate, effective, legal and efficient?
development has its pros and cons for a local government. you are being asked
to examine the issue from both sides of the arguments.a.
an argument in favor of a vigorous and aggressive plan for local economic
development. Address why such a plan is
morally and ethically appropriate function of government.
an argument against a vigorous and aggressive plan for local economic
development. Address why such a plan is
morally and ethically inappropriate function of government
are the advantages, disadvantages, and elements of a public-private
are the advantages of this type of relationship? Why would a government choose to engage in
such a relationship?
is the role of sub-contracting in this form of relationship?
the element of financing in public-private relationships. How does it differ from traditional
government financing?
Explain why a community would opt for a public-private
partnership over a traditional municipal bond?
the types and functions of audits. Who
conducts audits, and to what standard?
are financial conditions determined?
What criteria are used for this determination?
tools are used for determination of financial condition?
is the role of the financial manager in the audit process?
Requirements: 1 to 2 paragraphs


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