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Choose a job of your choice (perhaps, a job you aspire to in the future) and determine your job analysis strategy for identifying what employees actually do on the job for the purpose of developing a job description. You do not need to provide an actual list of tasks or behaviours – just outline the strategies you would use to identify the information. Please briefly justify your choice for each step in your approach. For the same job, assume you want to adopt a competency modeling approach for identifying critical KSAO’s and associated behavioural expectations associated with the job. How would you proceed to collect this information? The maximum length should be 4-5 pages double-spaced using a typical font. The assignment is in two parts. You can use subtitles to specify each part. In Part A, you will discussed the steps you would take in order to develop a job description (i.e., identifying behaviours and tasks) for a job of your choice. This includes discussing the methods of data collection (i.e., archival research, observation, etc.), the order in which you would collect the information, as well as explaining ‘why’ you chose each source of information. Part B of the assignment is similar; however, this time you will discuss the process in the context of competency modelling (for the same job). In response to one of your classmates inquiry, I have some information re: the first assignment that may be beneficial to all of you. First, I would recommend that you go over your notes from class and the PP slides carefully, so that you have a good grasp of these two different approaches to JA (i.e., identifying behaviours versus competencies). You will want to apply scientific thinking to the assignment, which would include answering the following questions: 1. What type of data do I need to develop a) a job description? b) competency model?; 2. What are best ways to collect useful information for a) a job description? b) competency model?; 3. In what order do I collect information for a) a job description? b) competency model?; 4. Once the data is collected, how do I analyze it or make sense of it so that I can develop a) a job description b) competency model? If it helps you, you can organize your paper according to these questions and answer them in sequence. I received another inquiry from a student and thought I’d share the following response. The student was a little unsure about the competency approach to JA… “The competency approach to JA is quite different from identifying behaviours/tasks. A couple of major differences is that competencies can be at the organizational, functional or job-specific level. Second, if you were to develop a competency like say “leadership ability” you would develop a behavioural description of what it means to be competent at leadership ability and this would vary according to whether you are looking at core, functional or job-specific competencies. So, you can see that collecting data for a competency model is in two parts – first, you define the job dimensions and second, you need to specific the behaviours that reflect what is means to be ‘competent’ on each dimension.” I will be able to provide examples and work with the professor on clarifying specifics. The original description of the assignment is vague. The last couple paragraphs are the professor sending out emails with additional information as most students didn’t understand what was going on. Thanks for your consideration and help!


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