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Conservation Action Plan Assignment (Due November 13, 20%) In part 2 of this assignment, you will propose a possible solution for how to best conserve your species and/or its habitat. The assignment must be well-written and based on ACADEMIC research. You will describe the threats your species faces and the most relevant aspects of your species’ ecology (if a plant) or behavioral ecology (if an animal), and identify the scientific, social, economic, cultural, and political considerations central to the conservation status of your species (clearly identifying the important stakeholders), and must propose a possible solution to the problem. The solution must consider the full range of factors identified in the assignment. Cite your information in the text and provide a references section at the end (add to the one you did for Conservation Assignment Part 1). You must have at least FIFTEEN reputable sources in total (i.e. primary academic sources; reputable websites). In approximately one page, summarize the main threats your species faces and the ecology or behavioral ecology of your species that is particularly relevant to these threats. Revise/improve on section 1 from Part 1 of your assignment. In approximately one page, summarize the Scientific, Economic, Social/Cultural, Political/Governmental, and Public considerations regarding the conservation of your species. That is, revise, improve, and pare down information you provided in Part 1 of your Assignment. In approximately one/two paragraphs, address how the perspectives of the various stakeholders complement or conflict with one another. What has been done to conserve your species? In approximately one page, address what various stakeholders have done to try and protect your species and/or its habitat. Have people made changes to their cultural practices? Have governments passed laws? Created protected areas? How else have threats to your species and its habitat been mitigated? How successful have these measures been? In approximately one/two pages, outline YOUR Proposed Solution Clearly identify a possible solution to the problem. “I don’t know….” or “There is no solution….” answers are not acceptable! Propose some course of action or inaction. I recognize that this is difficult, but I want you to come up with something. It may be something that incrementally or partially improves the situation, but this is a charge to fully grapple with a real-world problem. Consider both the short-term and long-term consequences of inaction or continuation of the status quo. You should consider and explicitly address the questions in this section or elsewhere in the assignment: “What would be the effect of loss of or a long term population ‘crash’ of this species or its habitat?” and “Do short-term benefits of continuing current practice outweigh the potential long-term costs in this case?” You won’t have to be sure all stakeholders “win.” That will likely be impossible. You should sympathetically consider all stakeholders, but in most cases some stakeholder or all stakeholders will not have the outcome they would say they want. In the solutions section consider and explicitly address the questions: “What would be the ‘most just’ solution?” and “What solution would best contribute to the common good?” Also remember that you are proposing a solution that is more large scale. It is OK to propose alterations of governmental policies and actions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as proposing things that individuals (both local to your species as well as far away) can do. Part 2 of your assignment will be approximately six pages, not including references. ______________________________________________________________________________ Style and Basic Writing Requirements for Conservation Case Study Written Assignments Must be submitted in hard copy, at the beginning of class when due Must use a 12” font, be double-spaced, and have ¾ to 1 inch margins. Must adhere to the approximate length limits for each section (see above). Must be clear, concise, and grammatically correct, avoiding wordiness and redundancy. Each assignment must include a References section. The References section for this assignment builds on the references for part 1. The References section for Part 2 of this assignment (i.e. the final References section) must include a minimum of 15 ACADEMIC SOURCES (may not include course texts) that are cited in text in APA format. The References section for Part 2 will include the same sources as in Part 1, plus additional references.


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