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Each student is responsible for writing a research paper based on a significant and contemporary nonprofit sector issue. The issues should be derived from the class textbook, lectures, threaded discussions related to the course topics. The paper should be based on personal research (i.e. peer review articles, journals, data collection, surveys, etc.) and NU library – Internet research. The project must use research data that is no older than five years. A minimum of five literary references should be used to substantiate assumptions and findings. The research paper must conform to National University’s writing standards. Papers should be no less than five pages and a maximum of-8 pages, double spaced, and typewritten; not including a title page and reference page. The research will be graded on its content, which includes research quality, writing content, organization, and grammar, all consistent with the American Psychological Association (APA 6th ed.) guidelines. The body of the report must include the following: Cover Page Table of Contents Major Components (5-8 pages minimum) Introduction- State the organization’s mission statement and vision. How long has the nonprofit been in operation, what state is the nonprofit incorporated. How many paid staff, and volunteers? Do you think that the corporation is fulfilling its mission? Why or why not? Nonprofit History- Discuss what services the corporation offers and the population it serves. How many clients served annually? (i.e. age, sex, culture, youth, seniors, low-income, how many, etc.) Nonprofit Financial Sources- Discuss where the organization funding is coming from (local, state, county, federal or private donations) and make a list of their funders. How much is the annual operational budget? Nonprofit Community Collaboration and Partnerships- How many community partners are listed on the corporation website? If none is listed, can you make some recommendations on how they can improve their visibility in their community? Summarize-Use theories from the textbook and other outside sources to summarize your understanding of what areas need improvements and how would you improve those areas and the corporation. Use of Illustrations, charts, and/or graphics Reference page (minimum of 4 peer reviewed references in APA format)


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