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ENMT322 Occupational Health and Safety
Week 8 Assignment
There is one thing that occupational safety and health professionals know: it’s not enough to just report and track incidents, near misses, and daily behavior—you have to learn and communicate the lessons exposed by the data. Communicating lessons learned leads to improved safety – no one wants to get hurt at work.
Your Week 8 assignment is to evaluate a major incident in recent history and prepare short “Lessons Learned” briefing.  Examples could include a natural disaster, extreme weather event, mass casualty incident, large-loss fire, large-scale hazardous material incident, transportation disaster, terrorist event, or major wildland fire. To be considered a major incident, the incident will normally involve a large-scale response with assistance from other agencies (e.g. fire departments, Homeland Security, FBI, etc.).
The following include a list of recent disasters that you may choose to use:
•             Hurricane Harvey (Tx)
•             Hurricane Katrina (La)
•             Hurricane Maria (PR)
•             9/11
•             Tohoku (Japan) Earthquake/Tsunami
•             BP Oil Spill
•             2017 Camp Fire (Paradise, California) wildfire
•             2011 tornado that struck Tuscaloosa Al
1.            Research your chosen incident and collect the following information:
•             Summary of the event (date, location, type of disaster,)
•             Summary of conditions that led to the disaster. Was it safety related?
•             From Emergency Preparedness perspective:Were they prepared? Did they have emergency plans?  Were they effective?
•             From response worker perspective: what hazards were present; was the PPE provided adequate? Was the training adequate?  Have there been any lingering health effects?
•             Summary of agencies involved (FEMA, OSHA, EPA, DHS, etc.)
•             What changes were implemented as a result of this disaster?
2.            After Action Report –
•             Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to address the concerns. Organize the presentation around the following questions:
•             What was expected to happen?
•             What actually occurred?
•             What went well and why?
•             What can be improved and how?
•             Areas of grading focus will include:
•             Focused Perspective–The focus of your research and your report should be from an Occupational Health and Safety perspective.  The observations and conclusions should relate to the content of this course (i.e. human health hazards, protecting employees from safety and health hazards, emergency response). 
•             Tailored Content – Your audience will be non-scientist executives so your briefing should be written in easy to understand language suitable for that audience. Tell the story the way you would do it around the water cooler, while keeping it technically accurate.
•             Appropriate Length and Organization – The material should be grouped on 7-10 slides using headings or bulleted lists (not including the title slide, overview, or summary slide).  Please add supporting details (if needed) in the Notes portion of the slides.
•             Credible References – Use reliable, credible references. These include federal or state government agencies, peer-reviewed articles, or industry trade resources.
•             The specific grading rubric can be found in your Assignments folder. 


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