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The Topic Proposal
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a strong working foundation for your capstone project while demonstrating the ability to target a researchable problem/issue within a broader topic. For this assignment you will explore topics of interest select one for your paper and draft a topic proposal.
Recommended: Before you begin review chapter 2 inResearch Techniques for the Health Sciences.
Your topic proposal should be 23 pages and should include the following items and address the following questions.
APA formatted title page
The topic you wish to pursue. (1 paragraph)
Identify your purpose: Why are you interested in this topic? (2-3 paragraphs)
Define and describe your intended target audience. (1 paragraph)
Provide a list of 48 research questions. (list 4-8 questions)
While you have not done any formal research on the topic yet explore databases and websites to help you identify questions that are being asked by others and to help you articulate questions of your own within the current dialog. Use the resources in your course materials to help you search.
Identify a problem within the topic and draft an initial problem statement (this is your thesis). (1 sentence)
Draft a hypothesis (1 paragraph)
A hypothesis is a logical supposition a reasonable guess or a suggested answer to a problem statement or research question. A hypothesis provides further direction for the research effort by setting forth a possible explanation for an occurrence.(Research Techniques for the Health Sciences 5th Edition p.18)
Adhere to APA formatting throughout.
Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded.
Homework 2
Create a threadseeking approval for your public policy meeting. Choose a meeting to view or attend. It must be a public policy body at work and related to health care. If it is a recorded meeting please make sure it has been posted within the last year.
Click on this forum then click ‘Create New Thread’. Title the thread with your name and the name of the policy meeting. For example:Janice Smith: Affordable Health Care Policy Meeting
In the body of the thread include
Post your policy meeting by the end of Week 1.
* If your policy meeting or subject has already been posted by another student please choose another meeting.
** You do not have to respond to peers in this prompt but you may do so if you choose.
This last one. It is. It even a paper it is just 5 lines. I will send you some examples.
So the first one is 3 pages and the second one is half a page.


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