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fill the table below ElementArticle 1:Still Don’t Understand the Cultural Appropriation of FoodJess Kapadiapp. 615-617 textbook 2:The Cultural Appropriation of My LunchMadhura Rao state the argument of the author. What claims does the argument make? What issues are raised (or ignored/evaded)?Rhetorical SituationExplain who the intended audience is and who the author is.Purpose and motiveExplain why this piece was written – its purpose; what the author wants the audience to think or do.Persuasive Technique: Ethos Explain how the author establishes trust, credibility, authority in his/her piece. What values does the ethos evoke?Persuasive Technique: Pathos Explain how the author appeals to emotion. What emotion(s) is s/he trying to get the audience to feel?Persuasive Technique: Logos Explain how the author appeals to logic in the piece. Does he/she use constructed arguments and/or hard evidence? Facts, reasoning, evidence?Fallacies:Are there any fallacies in the argument? Do they appeal to pathos, logos, ethos? Explain which logical fallacies are used and where in the piece.Language, Style & Tone:How does the language and style of the argument work to persuade an audience? Explain the tone of the piece – comical, humorous, serious, formal, informal, sarcastic, urgent, positive, negative, authoritative, personal, impersonal, etc. and answer these questions:1. How do you think of the culture appropriate of lunch culture?2. Do we need to remind if other people’s food has large smiling?3. What’s the lunch food from your country that you want to share with your classmate?4. Do you think there’s cultural appropriation of food?5. How do you feel when you eat authentic hometown food made by foreigners?


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