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For this prompt, the goal is simple… perform some actions that will help you improve your memory and study skills.When you’re ready, follow these steps:1) Write down the typical process you engage in whenever you study for exams. How far out do you begin? What types of tactics do you use? 2) Afterward, engage in a quick discussion on how effective you believe your established process is. Do you always do well on your exams? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the process? Would you consider your current method to be more effective or ineffective in terms of the type of success you’ve experienced? -300 word minimum. 3) Next, go back and read about the five hacks mentioned above in the lecture, and also do a deeper search on them. Once you have discovered what they are, based on what you know about yourself, think about which one’s you think would be helpful for you personally. Then, spend some time writing about each one you’ve selected and discuss why you think it would be helpful. ( The 5 hacks : Acronyms, Rhymes, Chunking, Method of Loci, and Keywording)-300 word minimum. 4) Now, it’s time to pick one of the hacks, or a combination of two or more, and develop a strategy for Quiz #2 OR a major exam in a different course. Please, don’t just pick what you think might be the easiest one. Instead, pick one that you feel will genuinely be helpful. Then, spend some time developing a plan for how you will use this new technique. Once you’ve completed your plan, share that plan here. Make sure and include a reason as to why you think this plan will be effective, and exactly how you will implement the plan. -500 word minimum. *PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to completely abandon the manner in which you typically study. Please just add/adopt these hacks into your routine to better structure your habits. 5) Once the plan has been established, it’s time to execute the plan. Sometime before the exam, you’ll need to actually put the plan in motion. Once/as you do, journal about the process. Discuss things like… How’s it going? Do changes need to be made? Are you catching on quickly? Is it working? -300 word minimum. 6) If you need to make changes, make changes. Otherwise, continue using the strategy until you take the quiz. 7) Once the quiz has been completed, now it’s time to use hindsight and discuss how well you think your strategy actually worked. This is simply a reflection piece. So, just evaluate the quality of your outcomes, whether you think your strategy worked, and what you will do moving forward. This will also serve as your conclusion, so make sure and include your thoughts on the experience as a whole, and “tie a bow on it”. -500 word minimum.


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