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General Information. The paper must have the following:
• A cover sheet that contains the title of the term paper, student’s name, and class in which
the student is submitting the paper.
• A Table of Contents and an Abstract. The headings within the Table of Contents will be
used within the body of the paper.
• Number pages consecutively, beginning with the first page of the paper. Figures and tables will also be consecutively numbered as they appear in the text.
• Figures and tables must be referenced to within the body of the paper.
• All papers shall have an introduction, body, and conclusion with references.
4) Cite all references in full: author, journal, book title, issue, year, source, etc. Citations to
works on the World Wide Web must include the URL (or comparable notation) and
modification date, or if no date is present then note the date the site was accessed. The paper
must contain AT LEAST THREE (3) JOURNAL REFERENCES (less than 3 years old).
References must be used within the paper, not just a list of papers “read” for background for
the paper.
5) Illustrations may be helpful and should be used whenever they clarify the ideas being
presented in the body of the paper. If the material is not original (i.e., Xerox or scanned
copies) the source must be given along with the illustration. Numbering of figures should be
logical (e.g., begin at 1 and increase sequentially).
6) Minimum number of pages, five pages double spaced without illustrations.
7) If the information given is derived from the bibliography, it must be referenced at the point
where it is written. Acknowledge your sources when the material is used in the paper.
If the information is taken directly from your sources it must be placed in quotes
The main Article is uploaded as well


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