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Help me study for my Biology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Materials and Methods: This section should be divided into sub-sections with sub-headings and written in paragraph form using concise sentences. It is a concise, but detailed, narrative of the procedures you performed in lab and materials/sources of materials. Do not include unnecessary detail but be thorough enough so that someone else could understand and repeat the procedure. For example, provide reagents used, concentrations, incubation times and other specific conditions that apply. For steps, you performed using online resources, be sure to include mention of any data analysis programs/tools utilized. You should include any modifications or deviations from the standard protocols provided. Look at example primary research article for examples of methods & materials style paper writing. The protocol materials utilized (e.g. lab manual) should be cited and this section must be written in your own words –not copied directly from other sources! For this section only, you may choose to include a brief statement at the start of the materials &methods section to note that the following procedures were adapted from the CMMB lab manual (CMMB, year) instead of Cell Bio Lab providing in-text citations throughout the materials &methods sections. Online lab-specific guidelines: Only steps performed yourself are written out in detail. Refer readers to the source (lab manual)for procedures performed elsewhere to provide a brief description of experimental procedures performed and samples generated for you in the lab.For example The construction of the DHFR expression vector and bacterial transformation of BL21 (DE3) cells were performed as described previously (CMMB, 2020).Results: Results reflect what was actually done in the lab and should be presented clearly and concisely incomplete paragraphs. In the text, call attention to the important parts of the data and relevant tables or figures. Avoid in-depth discussion of the meaning or interpretation your results in this section but be sure to clearly state all results**, results from each analysis, experimental and control conditions. Data should be presented in properly labeled and organized tables and figures where appropriate. These should be labeled, both numerically and with titles. Data figures and tables should have legends containing sufficient information so that they can stand alone. Be sure to number tables and figures consecutively and refer to them in the text of this section. If you use a figure/table you must describe it somewhere in the text.**Results to include: Purified protein quantification (including standard curve); SDS-PAGE analysis, Western Blot analysis; Computational analysis (including molecular weight calculation and protein tag location)Online lab specific guidelines: You will be provided with any data to include in your report that was collected for you in the lab and will include all data you collected through your own computational analysis.Materials & Methods/Results Part I Draft: Include Title page, draft of the Materials &Methods and Results sections covered thus far, through protein quantification, and a Reference section. You will not have all of the information that you will ultimately include in your M&M and Results section, so realize that you will build from this draft in response to feedback and add additional sub-sections as you go. The Reference section included here should have the Lab Manual referenced in your materials and methods section and any other sources used to write sections of this draftFormatting: Written report components must be typed, double-spaced,& in 11 or 12 points font as a word doc. Please spell-check and proofread your work as writing and mechanics assessed in the grading for all drafts. Use headings for each section. Formal writing should not mirror casual conversation. Use the past tense to describe experiments that were done. Reference: Lab Manualexample (be sure to update for your manual version’s specific semester and year): CMMBDepartment. Production of Recombinant Dihydrofolate Reductase. Cell Biology Lab Manual PCB 3023L, Spring2021. University of South Florida, Tampa.Lab manual in text citationformat: (CMMB, year) Requirements: 2-4


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