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I needcomplete3 pages paperon the following assignment.HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED.Mustaddress the all steps properly.Mustinclude3 credible referencesand cited inAPA.Must provide100% originalwork.
This assignment has 3 parts EACH part have to answer with at least a complete 1 page.
Part I (1page):
Copy and paste the following examples (1-6 below) then respond by classifying each of the following variables as either: nominal ordinal interval or ratio. Provide a brief explanation where indicated.
1. A researcher studying lifespan categorizes individuals into single married divorced or widowed. What type of variable measurement is this?
2. A cognitive scientist places her subjects into categories based on how anxious they tell her that they are feeling: not anxious mildly anxious moderately anxious and severely anxious and she uses the numbers 0 1 2 and 3 to label categories where lower numbers indicate less anxiety. What type of variable measurement is this? Are the categories mutually exclusive?
3. A Physician diagnoses the presence or absence of disease (i.e. yes or no). What type of variable measurement is this?
4. A person weighing 200 lbs. is considered to be twice as heavy as a person weighing 100 lbs. In this case what type of measurement is body weight?
5. A nurse takes measurements of body temperature on patients and reports them in units of degrees Farenheit as part of a study. What type of variable measurement is this?
6. Patients rate their experience in the emergency room on a five point scale from poor to excellent (1 = very poor 2 = not very good 3 = neither good nor bad 4 = quite good and 5 = excellent). What type of variable measurement is this? Is the difference between a 1 and a 2 necessarily the same as the difference between a 3 and a 4? Explain briefly.
Part II: Statistics (1 page):
Choose one of the examples from Part I (1-6) and raise a relevant question of your own that could be answered by a statistician. Then without answering your own question explain how a pattern could be studied or a useful prediction made based on data that are to be collected.
Part III: Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data (1 page):
A health scientist wishes to measure how well participants diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are coping. Explain how a variable such as coping could be measured quantitatively or qualitatively.
In this paper provide 3 credible references cited in APA.


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