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I just need the answer to these items
CH 11 Cardiovascular Health
1. Hypertension (causes and consequences)
2. Blood pressure classification
3. Relationship between blood pressure values and the onset of heart attack & stroke risk
4. Lifestyle changes to control hypertension
5. Atherosclerosis (4 stages that form atherosclerosis)
6. CAD (atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries)
7. Angina
8. Heart attack (sign in men and women)
9. Cardiac arrest
10. Congestive heart failure: (pumping rate & force disorders) and treatment methods
11. Stroke (warning signs, time is of essence to avoid permanent damage)
12. Cholesterol (total, LDL and HDL normal values)
13. Excess blood triglycerides (normal values) and causes (Excess body fat, very high CHO intake, physical inactivity, smoking, Type II DM, excess alcohol)
14. Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors (genetics, gender, age, ethnicity)
15. Strategies to reduce CVD risk factors
CH 4 Muscle Strength & Endurance
1. Discuss human movement and the organ systems creating human movement
2. Define and give examples muscle strength & endurance
3. Discuss the connective tissues
4. Define motor unit and its properties
5. Describe slow twitch muscle fibers and fast twitch muscle fibers (when they would be used-what activities and energy systems)
6. Identify benefits that can be gained from strength training
7. Define/describe examples of hypertrophy, hyperplasia, muscle learning
8. Distinguish between concentric, eccentric, and isometric muscle contractions
9. Side effects of steroids (general side effects)
10. Define DOMS
11. Discuss and understand the training principles in terms of the amount of training volume (sets, reps, load) and rest between sessions for specific muscle fitness goals (No need to memorize the FITT table)
CH 5 Flexibility & Low-Back Health
1. Define flexibility and discuss its characteristics
2. Define and discuss examples of static, dynamic, ballistic, and PNF stretching
3. Define and give examples of passive and active stretching
4. Discuss the factors that affect flexibility
• Joint structure, soft tissue length & elasticity (elastic vs. plastic elongation), nervous system regulation (proprioceptors)
i. Stretch reflex and muscle spindles, and the protection response they employ; the training strategies that utilizes this reflex
ii. Inverse stretch reflex and Golgi Tendon Organ the protection response they employ; the training/rehabilitation strategies that utilizes this reflex
5. FIIT formula to develop flexibility
6. Factors contributing to lower back pain
7. How to manage acute and chronic low back pain
8. Core muscles, functions and type of exercises to improve core stability and mobility
9. Discuss ways to prevent low back-pain (especially exercises)
CH 6 Body Composition
1. Distinguish between body weight & body composition
2. Body fat types and their stored locations
3. Identify limitations of using BMI to evaluate overweight/obesity
4. Discuss methods of assessing body composition
5. Identify minimal fat percentages for men & women, desirable ranges for health, and levels indicative of obesity
6. Discuss differences in fat distribution, how to assess upper and lower body obesity, and the relationship between fat distribution and disease risk
7. Discuss health risks associated with obesity (CVD, CANCERS, GALLBLADDER & KIDNEY DISEASE, ARTHRITIS, BACK PAIN, TYPE II DIABETES, RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS) Also specifically understand:
• Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
• Metabolic Syndrome
8. Discuss causes of obesity
9. Discuss recommendations and expectations for safe weight (fat) loss
10. Discuss importance of exercise


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