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I need an explanation for this Film question to help me study.What you need to do is to extend what I wrote in the discussion board and turn it into a paper based on the requirements. Below is exactly what I wrote in the discussion board: I chose to do #1. Elevator pitch: “I Love Lucy” ushered in a new era of American soap operas. The show began on October 15, 1951 and ceased on April 1, 1960. It vividly portrays the life of a whole generation of American women: the heroine Lucy is a simple-minded middle class living in a large suburban house. As a class housewife, all her stories revolve around the living room and kitchen at home. All the joys and sorrows come from getting along with her husband and mother-in-law. Her stupidity, shallowness, sloppy, fanatical, irritable, stubborn, comedy elements considered to be a feminine trait were amplified. Similar to Lucy in the TV series “I Love Lucy”, Claire in the “Modern Family” also lives in the white middle class. Modern Family began in 2009 and will ceased in 2020. It can be seen from “I Love Lucy” that before the 1970s, it was not easy for American women to fight for work. Lucy had to find ways to work with her husband. In the TV series “Modern Family” in the 21st century, the stereotype of American female housewives has changed. Claire does not need her husband’s permission to go out to work. Her stereotype is not only a good mother, but also a strong woman. Both her husband and children listen to her, and whether work or not is just a choice for her. In the beginning of the Modern Family, Claire was a full-time housewife. Until the children grow up, Claire hopes to have her own job to change her life. Her husband Phil is also very supportive. Therefore, in the later period, Claire inherited his father’s company, had his own business, and made the company impressive. !!! IMPORTANT NOTE: I have already chosen two TV programs “I Love Lucy” and “Modern Family”. Also, I have already chosen frame number 1, which is “Representations of class, gender, race, region, sexuality and gender identity”. You will have the stick with the TV programs and the frame I chose. Below are the requirements of the paper: The essay should be 1250-1750 words long with a minimum of 6 sources (at least four must be critical/academic sources in media and/or cultural studies). Use MLA in-text citation with Works Cited page (not included in word count) and 12 pt. Times New Roman (or comparable) with standard (1″) margins. There should be a title page. THE ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: The comparative critical analysis of two television programs–one before 1970 and one after (“I Love Lucy” and “Modern Family”). Examine these programs as TWO of the following constructs: 1) creative endeavors, 2) cultural artifacts, 3) industrial products and/ or 4) tools for social and political instruction. In relation to the critical frame listed below: Representations of class, gender, race, region, sexuality and gender identity
Requirements: 1250-1750 words


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