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I need support with this Sociology question so I can learn better. Hello, I have some work to do. everything is explained below . Watch The Line (it is posted below) prior to answering the discussion questions. Okay, in sociology we are always exploring what we call social structural risk factors for poverty.To make is simple, social structural risk factors means you are poor and it is out of your control. That is, what external “forces” if you will, contribute to your poverty or social class standing in general. As much as we would like to think we are 100% in control of our lives there are social structural factors we can’t see and/or control at times (e.g. COVID-19).1) Based specifically on the video, give 3 specific examples of social structural risk factors for poverty. Then compare them with your classmates. Reference specific people in the documentary, and watch the whole documentary please. ***Follow the discussion rubric below***This documentary is around 2008/2009…this was when the real estate bubble burst so to speak. I would like to see a documentary like this based upon COVID-19.***Follow the discussion rubric below***The Line (Links to an external site.) FOLLOW RUBRIC BELOWRubric for Discussion. 10 Points total.Criteria Excellent Satisfactory UnsatisfactoryDid Not PostDemonstrates knowledge & understanding of contentPosts were well developed and all questions addressed.3 pts.Posts were developed and questions addressed.2 pts.Posts were made but did not address question asked.1 pt.No posts. No knowledge & understanding of content.0 pts.Engagement in discussionResponded to classmate posts with follow up questions probing more discussion & creativity.3 pt.Responded to classmate posts with follow up questions.2 pts.Responded to classmate posts with no follow up questions.1pt.No posts. Did not engage.0 pts.Quantity of Responses/RepliesResponded to 1 DQ & 2 participation responses.3 pts.Responded to 1 DQ & 1 participation response.2 pts.Responded to 1 DQ or 1 participation response.1 pt.No posts were made.0 pts.ClarityResponses were clear, understandable and free of grammatical errors. 1 pts.Responses were clear with 1-3 grammatical errors..5 pts.Response(s) was unclear and not understandable.0 pt.No posts were made.0 pts. Requirements: as requirements


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