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I’m working on a History question and need guidance to help me study.Description of the Essay for History of TechnologyWrite an essay that addresses different ways that technology relates to society and explainsyour views on the relationship between technology and society. In this paper you shouldaddress the social construction of technology, technological determinism or techno-politics.You should discuss and critique at least two of these three ways of thinking about technology.Back up the points you make with specific historical examples from the readings and classdiscussions.You will be making your own argument about how technological change happens by thinkingabout the theories and historical examples we have discussed in class.Style and Format2-3 pagesTyped, double spaced12 pt Times New Roman font or equivalent1 inch marginsYour paper must have a title (the wittier the better)Name and class time at the top of page 1 or on the title pageUse either footnotes or parenthetical citations to cite your sources (see syllabus for examples)What is an Essay?An essay is an argumentative paper that expresses the author’s point of view on a specific topic. Essaysare usually both analytical as the author is judging or critiquing something, and also descriptive as theauthor needs to use facts to prove the accuracy of their opinion.StructureIntroduction – A good introduction will contain (1) a catch, (2) a thesis statement, and (3) will give anindication of how the rest of the paper will be structured.Body – This is the portion of the paper where the author makes their argument. Here the authorpresents information that proves the thesis of the paper. The paragraphs in the body should flow intoeach other. As much as possible, sentences should be active voice with strong subjects and actionverbs.Conclusion – The conclusion of an essay should explain how the author proved their point. In this waythe conclusion is not simply a restatement of the thesis, but a blending the thesis and the body. Tell thereader how the details you discussed in the body proved the thesis in your introduction.
Requirements: 2-3 pages


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