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I’m working on a Nursing exercise and need support.Posts are aimed to create an open dialogue and discussion about the weekly topic. Learning occurs when students are actively engaged with each other in deep exploration of the topic. To allow this level of engagement to develop, students should thoughtfully prepare both their initial post and their peer responses for each discussion. Discussion Process:— Submit one substantive initial post, following the instructions and prompts below, no later than 2359 on Wednesday of each week. Points will be deducted if the first post is sumitted after this day/time. A substantive post must include deep exploration of the topic, relevance of the contribution to the learning experience, addressing the assigned question prompts, and supported with scholarly evidence. — After posting, you will be able to see contributions from your peers and instructor. Read and reply to one of your peers according to the instructions and prompts. Replies must be submitted no later than 2359 on Saturday of each week. Simply replying, “I agree” does not serve as a professional response, nor does it promote dialogue. Think about the post and politely express your thoughts on why you agree or what you would do differently. Students are welcome to reply to more than one post, but it is not required. Students are also welcome to post after someone has replied to your initial post. Please reply to a post that has not yet received a reply. One person’s post may need to have more than one reply due to the number of students in each group. — Use APA format for all citations and conclude your posts with a reference list (double-spacing and indentation is not required in the online forums). You are welcome to use the course text as a reference. You may also choose to use another text or professional journal article to support your thoughts and ideas.This module’s discussion overview and prompts:Part One 1. Thinking about being in a nursing program this semester, what do you find most challenging as a student? Is it related any pandemic-related restrictions or limitations? Were any of the pandemic-related changes challenging at first, but now you are finding it’s not that bad? Are there any changes you hope will continue post-pandemic? 2. What research question do you have as a nursing student in college during the pandemic and experiencing pandemic-related alterations or changes? Part Two After students post their initial response, consider their perspectives and research question. Respond to a fellow student, commenting on their post. Does their research question also interest you? Does their research question have you thinking about yet another research question? Requirements: 250


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