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-It has to be excel sheet -avoid plagiarism-explain the answers and how you get the correct answer Measurement of Risk and Return in Investing*Complete the problems in an Excel spreadsheet. Be sure to show your work to receive credit; no hard keys.Problem 6-1: Rate of return and standard deviation A stock currently is paying 5% return. Calculate the following investment’s expected rate of return and its standard deviation based on the data below. DATA Probability Return 0.15 -0.05 0.25 0.15 0.2 0.2 0.4 0.25 Problem 6- 2 Holding-Period Return Calculate the following investment’s the holding-period return. DATA TIME STOCK PRICE (SAR) 1 20 2 23 3 21 4 25 Problem 6-3: Holding-Period Gain SAR and Return Calculate the following investment’s the holding-period gain and return based on the data below. DATA Purchase price 34.22 Selling price 36.68 Shares sold 22 Problem 6-4: Capital Asset Pricing Model Based on the data below, calculate the required rate of return for each stock. DATA Stock Beta A 0.85 B 0.6 C 1.4 Risk-free rate 0.05 Market rate 0.12 Problem 6-5: Security Market Line Based on the data below, calculate portfolio’s return and beta. DATA Stock % of Portfolio Beta Expected Return 1 0.5 0.85 0.12 2 0.3 0.75 0.11 3 0.35 2 0.15 risk-free rate 0.05 Market rate 0.1 Problem 6-6: Required Rate of Return CAPM Calculate the required rate of return by using CAPM based on the data below. DATA Risk-free rate = 0.04 Market Risk Premium = 0.10 Beta = 1.2 Problem 6-7: Expected Return, Standard DeviationCalculate Adidas’ and S&P 500 Index’s average rate of returns and standard deviation, based on the data below. DATA Month Adidas S&P 500 Stock Prices Index Jan-19 52.9 2368.45 Feb-19 67.16 2363.64 Mar-19 68.73 2362.72 Apr-19 65.41 2384.2 May-19 62.99 2411.8 Jun-19 70.1 2423.41 Jul-19 69.05 2470.3 Aug-19 62.81 2471.65 Sep-19 61.85 2519.36 Oct-19 64.99 2575.26 Nov-19 70.42 2647.58 Dec-19 72.55 2673.61


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