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Week 11 – Discussion 1
Top of Form
Job Search Application and Interview Processes
Throughout your program of study you have been encouraged to think about your strengths values and professional aspirations as well as the opportunities you have to create positive impact as a nurse leader-manager or nurse informaticist.
How would you most like to leverage your knowledge and expertise going forward? What types of professional positions could you see yourself in now and further along in your career? What steps could you take to identify a job that appeals to you and to secure a position that you find intellectually challenging and rewarding?
In this Discussion you examine strategies for conducting an effective job search and assess how you could convey your qualifications for a position of interest to you.
To prepare:
Reflect on your strengths values and professional aspirations. How will these inform the next stage of your career?
Consider what you have learned through your experiences in the practicum about professional roles and functions in your specialty area.
Review the information in the Learning Resources and think about the process of conducting a job search. If possible speak with individuals in your practicum setting as well as other nursing professionals about how they have identified positions that align with their needs and ambitions. Ask for advice about conducting a successful job search.
Search postings of open positions that appeal to you and identify one for which you would like to apply. If you have difficulty finding such a position for the purposes of this Discussion you may select one that has already been filled or is in a different region. (Note: If you are not interested in finding a new position please approach this activity as an opportunity to explore the field. If you are interested in changing positions please use this activity for that purpose.)
What steps would you take to apply for and secure an interview for this position? Write a cover letter and target your rsum or Curriculum Vitae (CV) to this position. (Note: You are not required to complete the job application for this Discussion.)
How would you prepare for an interview for this position? What questions do you think would be posed and what information would you like to learn about the position and the organization? Ask a colleague or friend to conduct a practice interview with you.
Consider how you might use your Professional Portfolio (submitted this week) to demonstrate your capabilities during the interview process.
With these thoughts in mind:
By tomorrow 5/9/17 post 550 words essay in APA format with at least 3 references from the list below. Apply the level one headings as numbered below:
1) An explanation of how you would conduct a job search for a position of interest to you including the resources you would use (and did use to identify the position for this Discussion).
2) Include a brief description of the position you identified.
3) Share an application and interview plan for that position noting how you would convey your qualifications for this position.
Bottom of Form
Required Readings
Beam R. J. O’Brien R. A. & Neal M. (2010). Reflective practice enhances public health nurse implementation of nurse-family partnership. Public Health Nursing 27(2) 131139.
Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
This article addresses the integration of reflective practice to achieve the aims of public health nursing. The authors examine the benefits and challenges of reflective practice.
Jackson D. Andrew S. & Cleary M. (2012). Telling our stories: Writing for publication to enhance reflective and contextualised family and community practice. Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession 41(1) 24.
Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
The writing process often engenders deep reflection and stories that are documented in this way can help advance the nurse profession and/or specialty area practice. As the authors express we owe it to ourselves to those who will follow us but most of all to the patients clients families and communities who depend upon us to record our stories of practice so that those making health care decisions now and in the future have the information and evidence they need to provide the best possible care for all. (2012 p. 3)
Kinsella E. A. (2010). Professional knowledge and the epistemology of reflective practice. Nursing Philosophy 11(1) 314.
Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
The author examines the philosophical foundations of reflective practice and poses the following thought-provoking question: How might we conceive of professional knowledge for the good of the patient the practitioner the professions and society? (2010 p. 4)
Royds K. (2010). Using reflective practice to learn from good and bad experiences. Learning Disability Practice 13(5) 2023.
Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
The author engages in reflection to examine her interactions with mentors in practice settings and to assess the professional redirection and growth that resulted from her experiences.
Gannett Healthcare Group. (2013). Job seekers. Retrieved from
View the information related to your specialty area and/or positions of interest to you on this website.
HealtheCareers. (2013). Nursing jobs. Retrieved from
On this website you can browse job postings by category and view other resources.
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. (2013). Career Center online resources. Retrieved from
View resources of interest to you on this website including the areas entitled Conducting a Long Distance Job Search and Resume Guide.
Nursing Jobs. (2013). Retrieved from
You can also view information related to positions of interest to you or related to your specialty area on this website.


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