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Module 3 Discussion Forum. 400 words
Discuss the notion that firms should stop doing business with customers who constantly generate losses versus the notion that the customer is always right.
The required length for your original posting is 400 words, and your reply should be a minimum of 350 words.
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Business and Customers
Any organization’s strategic aim is to please its consumers and increase earnings. The consumers intend that benefits a company in the markets. Displeasing or upsetting consumers will, in the longer term, be quite costly for a business. The sustainability of a corporation is based on consumer loyalty. Whenever an organization begins, consumers always come first, then earn. Those businesses that can please their consumers can continue to be in the top business spot. Today, the organization has recognized that consumer loyalty seems to be essential to the business’ performance and then at the same moment, it plays an important role in raising the market share (Králová & Suchánek, 2019).
The proper corporate principles mean that the customer feels good even though he is unpleasant to work with them. The business wants loyalty as well as a commitment to its consumers. It is often challenging to treat the consumer, which contributes to failure for the business. The channels to communicate can be left accessible so that consumers may discover answers to their issues. The organization should not have to avoid communicating with its clients, because it is the consumers who have built a reputation with their products on the market. And even if the client is incorrect, there are options to communicate with them and to build an environment in which the client is not left disappointed and depressed.
Generally, consumers are those who purchase consumer or organization products and services that suit their desires. Customers buy goods in terms of money to match their needs. The nature of the commodity that draws the consumer and retains its long-term relationship can, therefore, be decided by businesses. The corporation must ensure that it offers complete quality that is equal to the numerical worth. This raises the number of clients and ensures a long-term customer-organization partnership. The existing consumer aims to draw potential buyers by supplying or exchanging knowledge regarding corporations’ goods and services (Ilieska, 2013). Satisfaction implies being happy with what the individual desires or needs. It is impossible to determine whether the goods or services are open to consumers. It is not a straightforward job to please consumers, so this particular aspect needs to be taken into account.
Discussion Instructions :
For each module, topics for discussion will be found in the discussion forum of the course. In-depth discussion is an essential part of online learning, and is also an important factor in your grade as well. 
For each discussion, you are required to write an initial post (450 words) and one secondary post (350 words).  The discussion forums will be worth 40 points apiece—25 points for the initial post and 15 points for the secondary post.  For your initial post, you must have two academic peer-reviewed articles for references.  You may get them from the library.  There are directions at the top of our Moodle page showing how to utilize the library.
Grading for discussions.
All discussions must be completed on-time and must include in-text citations and references in APA style formatting. If you do not use in-text citations or they are not in APA format you will lose 3 points.  If you do not have references or if they are not in APA format, you will lose 5 points. (You do not need citations and references for secondary posts).
You will lose 10% based on word count if your posts are too short.  For example, your initial post is 450 words, if you have 400 words you will lose 5 points.  50 words short times 10% (50 x .10 = 5).
If any part of your post is copied and pasted (ANY POST), you will receive a “0”.  I will not ask you about it and you will not have a chance to resubmit the post.
If your post is late ,no points will be given for any assignment posted after the class ends.
Coping and pasting an article or copying the information and changing a word or two is not a significant post.  If you do this, you will receive a 0 for the assignment—no questions asked.


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