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Part 1 Discussion post:
What would you be willing to do to lower your impact on your environment? Think about what you can do yourself, as an individual and of legislation that would impact you, but that you would be OK with (that could be , for instances, things you are forbidden to do, or have to pay more for).
Part 2 discussion post replies:
We often hear that the family is “in decline.” What do you think? Justify your answer using information from Chapter 12 and other scientific sources (NOT opinion pieces or anecdotal evidence). If you use additional sources, remember to cite them properly.
reply to Kelli:
Chapter 12 talks about family in a stereotypical sense or what a family used to be considered, a “nuclear family” and maybe extended family living in the household as well. I do not believe that family is in decline but actually the opposite or at least more open to what else family could mean. I am lucky to have close relationships with all of my siblings and parents even though my parents are divorced- I don’t think my parents not living in the same household make us less of a family. I think holidays and birthdays and nights sitting watching a movie are different than what they would be, but that is okay. My siblings and I are pretty much all grown up and out of the house, so we do not all eat dinner together and see each other every day, but I wouldn’t say we are in decline. I think times have changed from having to have the nuclear family where everybody lives happily married in the same house to people changing their lives if they are not happy; I think divorce rates have increased because people do not stay in an unhappy marriage just because it is against the norm to get a divorce. I have not heard much of grandparents who are divorced but a lot of the next generation I know are divorced because they got married too young but don’t rely on a spouse like a stay at home wife might have done in our grandparents generation. It seems like people are starting to get married at older ages (25+) compared to 21-22 years old, and those three years seem like a lot of time for individual growth and maturity (Rotz). The idea of a “family” has changed with an increase in single parent households, same sex marriages, children living with extended family, etc., and I think whatever is the healthiest environment for people in a household means that the family is not declining.
Rotz, Dana. “Why have divorce rates fallen?: The role of women’s age at marriage.” Journal of Human Resources 51.4 (2016): 961-1002.
reply to Molly:
I do think the family is in decline. I read about the nuclear family and what it meant back then, and I think it is different to todays changing world. A nuclear family is two parents and their children. If you look up nuclear family there is a mother and a father and a child. Now a days, anyone can get married and adopt their children, or use ivf to have children. Gen Z, which is my generation, widely talks about not having children because they do not want to bring someone into the world with the state it is in. I understand that completely, and I think more people are wanting to travel the world and not settle in one place for the rest of their lives, so I think the family is in decline. Others simply do not want to have children, or have difficulty having children, so the nuclear family that was once a standard in the United States is no more, and families can be whatever they want to be


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