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Policy Options Brief
Each Policy Track group (or individual) should draft a 4-6-page Policy Options Brief by the assigned date. The purpose of this brief is to explain a serious problem to a group of decision-makers, and then present them with two to five options for solving it. A panel of students drawn from our class will receive this brief before hearing your group’s Policy Options Presentation and will conduct discussions and make a recommendation for one or more of the potential solutions you describe.
Topic: The Policy Options Brief should give options to remedy the problem you described in your Problem Memorandum.
Content: The Policy Options Brief will have two main sections. The first will be the Problem section. It will incorporate the majority of the material from your problem memo in addition to any revisions and updates you have made. The second section will be the Options section. It will describe 2-5 options to solve the problem and provide some brief evaluative guidance for each. Use the Critical Approaches to Policy Proposals Handout to begin to generate this evaluative material. The options you describe might be options proposed by you or others, but not currently in force, or they might be options that are or have been implemented somewhere, or they might be proposed revisions to current policies. Conclude with a single summary paragraph—do not make an overall recommendation.
Format and Style: The Policy Options Brief should be in the same memo-style format as the Problem Memo, with a complete heading block. However, instead of saying “Memorandum” at the top, it would say “Policy Options Brief.” It should be addressed to the same decision maker or group of decision makers as was your Problem Memorandum.
Because this is a longer document, I recommend that you make use of headings and subheadings to improve readability. Make headings as full of content as possible. For example: “Problem” of not as good a heading as “Problem: Improper Coding is Causing Claims Denials.” Ideally, the reader should be able to get an excellent idea of the content of the Brief by just reading the headings.
As in the Problem Memorandum, you may write in in either APA or MLA style, and may use in-text citation or end notes. Please do not use footnotes.


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