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Political Reflection Two: Texas Legislative Budget
Representative District Information Sheet
Instructions: Choose one of the hypothetical districts to represent in the Texas Legislative Budgetary Committee (Representative District Information Sheet above). Then answer the paper prompt below. Texas Representative Districts Information 2021.docxPreview the document download Paper Prompt: You’ve been selected to serve on a Texas Legislative budgetary committee with the task of allocating 100 million dollars. For this assignment, you will need to evaluate the district and constituents you are serving and decide how the money should be divided into five categories. To determine how the money should be divided, please look at your district’s description. All five categories must have money allocated to it, but the amounts should be based on what would best serve those you represent. You can find more information about what each category includes below. After you have determined the best way to divide the money, please explain why the money was allocated this way and what Impact this spending would have on your constituents’ lives. Spending Categories:
Education: public school, vocational education, higher education
Transportation: highways, airports, waterways, mass transit
Health and Welfare: Medicaid, food stamps, job training, child development programs, mental health programs
Environmental protection and cleanup: monitoring sites, reviewing environmental- impact statements, clean air, and water programs.
Law enforcement and Crime Control: state police, prisons, probation and parole officers, child and adult protective services.
Format: Typed
Size 12, Times New Roman font
1-inch margins throughout
5 to 6 sentences per question for each category
Works Cited if outside resources were used
There are two formats this paper can be submitted in
1) Paragraphs
Category (Amount Allocated)
-Explanation of why the money should be allocated this way. (5 to 6 sentences in length)
– What Impact would this spending have on your Constituents. (5 to 6 sentences in length)
2) Table
My Recommendations
Explain why the money was allocated this way? (5 to 6 sentences in length)
What Impact would this spending have on your Constituents (5 to 6 sentences in length)
Health and Welfare
Environmental Protection
Law Enforcement


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