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The Signature Assignment this week is a presentation. It should include a PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation of at least 20 slides (body slides) with speaker notes. You should also record the presentation. It can be an mp4 format or – whatever works best for you. Be sure to submit the presentation, speaker notes, and recording. An APA PowerPoint must have a title slide, objective slide(s), and reference slide(s). There should be at least 5 scholarly sources (one can be your textbook) and 3 pictures. For this presentation you are to choose an illness or disease that primarily impacts the renal, pulmonary, or circulatory system. Then, describe how the other two systems are also impacted. How does the body try to compensate for the disorder? What are the consequences of this compensation? Here are the specific directions:Signature Assignment Description/Directions: Multisystem issues are often a consequence of a failing body system and identification and consideration to determine the underlying cause of illness is essential. Though illness may create multisystem issues and may affect many body systems, for this assignment you will focus on three: renal, pulmonary, and circulatory systems.This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, include a title and reference slide, and detailed speaker notes and a recorded audio clip on all content slides. You will discuss a specific illness, disorder or disease and the interrelationship with the renal, pulmonary, and circulatory systems, specifically identifying and describing how an alternation in one systems may affect one or more of other two body systems. Explain how the body tries to compensate for a disorder, with assistance or reliance on another body system. Your submission should include three graphics or illustrations and a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources to support any of your perspective. Please review the module’s Signature Assignment Rubric before starting this assignment to ensure that you are meeting all the essential requirements…In-depth coverage of an illness consequences in multiple body systems is; outstanding clarity of information; detailed slide notes ensure all required content is well explained (if required)…In-depth coverage of illness impact and consequences in multiple body systems; outstanding clarity of information; detailed slide notes ensure all required content is well explained (if required)…Excellent use of transitions and effects that enhance the presentation. Presentation is organized and designed for maximum impact of content….Required multimedia, graphics, diagrams, and/or illustrations add clarity and sophistication to the presentation content; they improve the effectiveness of the presentation.
Requirements: .doc file


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