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The student should demonstrate the learned points and details to be explained in a written assignment where students will use Constructive Diversity of Viewpoints: In a written assignment, students will engage a diversity of viewpoints in a civil and constructive fashion. This will be achieved based on the following outcome:
Given a variety of perspectives that led to America’s involvement in wars in the 20th century, students will be able to assess the social, political and economic reasons for America’s involvement in these wars. You are to utilize two primary and two secondary sources to provide evidence for your paper. You will use the MLA style of writing to complete this assignment. This method will be defined in class for a more simple approach. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
From the OWL Purdue website:
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
Just as sources can be scholarly or popular, sources are also divided into primary and secondary.
A primary source is a firsthand or eyewitness account of information by an individual close to the topic. Examples of primary sources include autobiographies, personal correspondence (e.g., diary entries, letters), government documents, works of art and literature, statistics and data, and newspaper articles written by reporters close to the source. Today, even some social media posts are considered primary sources, because they are firsthand accounts of information.
A secondary source is a source that is more removed from an event, usually written after the event has happened. Examples of secondary sources include biographies, interpretation of statistics and data, and anything written after an historical event or analyzing something that already happened (e.g., examining a work of art from 100 years ago).
Depending on your research, you may need more primary or secondary sources. For example, if you wanted to trace the history of whale sightings off the coast of Alaska, you would probably need to find some historical documents that provide firsthand information on whale sightings from a few hundred years ago. However, if you wanted to look at how boating has changed whale migration patterns, you would probably rely on some secondary sources that interpret data and statistics.
When evaluating sources, being able to determine whether it’s primary or secondary is helpful as you continue in your research.
Do not use the following such as secondary sources: Wikipedia, Thoughtco,,, Infoplease, Openstax,,, Apexlearning,,,,,,,,,,,,, any news magazine sources like, etc. These only provide limited information and only highlight the topic.
Bibliography or works cited page
Again the length of your paper should be three to four pages long text.
It will be important to remember that this exercise to see how you utilize, interpret, analyze and explain your source material to come to a cogent conclusive outcome. Use your sources wisely and always make sure to cite your points. It is important to tell your reader where you received your information to demonstrate factual details of your presentation. The difficulty may be in picking and choosing what to use to arrive at the outcome. Four pages may not be enough. I will not only be looking at your information but also what you used and the mechanics of your paper. If you have any questions let me know. Good luck.


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