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will need these assignments by 8 pm tomorrow night. 2-22-2-2021. 
Assingment 1 
Go to these sites (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Based on both websites:
Who is Amazon’s target market and what is its marketing mix (think 4P’s)?
Who is Walmart’s target market and what is its marketing mix?
Describe how these companies use their websites for positioning?  
How is each company attempting to differentiate itself during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Assignment 2
navigate to the Ford Motor Company website. ( Considering the marketing mix (and use concepts from the text), create 3 strategies Ford should use to market its products to the three different generational demographic categories Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomer based on the distinct needs and motivations of each group. Also, include the specific products that each generational demographic will be interested in and provide your rationale.
assignment 3
This assignment i chose to be a manger at a hospital
Draft the External Analysis section of your Personal Marketing Plan. **Please Note: You will need to perform research for this section of your Personal Marketing Plan.**
The questions are provided to assist you and guide your thinking about the topics.  DO NOT include the questions in your submission.  
This is a formal paper and should be written in paragraph (not Q/A) format. Each of the bullets should be at least one paragraph. 
You must include an introduction for this section.
Competitor Analysis
Who is your competition? (Describe other candidates applying for the same jobs; other students graduating at the same time/getting same degree, Co-workers vying for same promotion, etc.)
How will you differentiate your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) to successfully compete against your competition?
What factors are critical for you to succeed in landing the job you are looking for?
Market Trend Analysis
What’s happening with overall job trends in the city/state you will are looking for your job/promotion/to start your business? (Be specific about the state/city)
Which industries and companies are hiring in your area right now?
Is your industry likely to become hot or cool by the time you graduate? 
Political/Legal, Economic, Social, and Technical Scan (“PEST” Scan)
You must address EACH of the PEST factors with at least 1-2 paragraphs of detail covering each segment of the PEST.  Research is required. Source citations are required for each segment.
Political/Legal Trends:  Identify any political activities affecting the firm or the industry with respect to changes in elected officials, potential regulations favored by elected officials, industry (lobbying) groups or political action committees, and consumer advocacy groups that could affect the industry you’re interested in. Identify any changes in federal, state, or local laws and regulations affecting the industry your interested in.  Have there been any recent court decisions, laws, or new industry regulations that affect the industry you are interested in? 
Economic Growth and Stability: Give details regarding what is happening in the economy (nationally, statewide, and your local area).  Is the industry/job field you’re interested in growing, or declining? Are job prospects in your area good?
Social/Demographic Trends: Identify changes in society’s demographics, values, and lifestyles that affect the firm or the industry you are interested in. Provide an overview of the local demographic trends and the role they play in the job market. 
Technology Trends: How have recent technology advancements affected the industry you’re interested in?
assingment 4
This section requires an introduction
Use tables as shown.
Do not include my instructions/questions as these are provided to give you my expectations and guide your thinking about the topics.  This is a formal paper and should be written in paragraph (not Q/A) format.
This section requires a conclusion/wrap up.  What is your overall impression and results from your research?  Example: What do you notice about your contacts? Do you need to do to expand your network?  What are your observations regarding the companies in your search area?  Are they currently hiring?  
Choose 3-5 prospective employers and  a contact from the company you could reach out to for an informational interview
Reason for contacting this company. How does working for this employer fit in your career goals?
Name/title of internal contact to network with
DO NOT include the questions/instructions in your submission.
Networking is critical for your professional success.  In addition to the prospective employers listed above, who else do you need to communicate your brand to? E.g. classmates, co-workers, career counselors, relatives, acquaintances.  
Make a list of 5-10 names of individuals you can/should add to your professional network.
Make a list of 5-10 names of individuals you can/should add to your professional network.
Describe what you can learn from each individual (how they can help you achieve your career goals). 
Research and list 1-2 Professional Organizations in your chosen field/industry that you will look into joining.  Note: You are not required to join or pay for a membership for this assignment.
Professional OrganizationBenefitsAttempt 1Comments


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