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Writing Project
The goal of the writing project is to provide practice defining and using the vocabulary provided on the Vocabulary lists.
The Project is worth 35 points. You will earn 5 points for each relevant vocabulary  (up to a total of 5) words that you use, define and discuss correctly. You will not earn full credit for a term that does not have a definition or a discussion of how the term relates to the work of art.
1. Choose a work of art from the list provided below (you can choose any artist that is discussed/presented during lectures).
2. Then write two to three paragraphs discussing the work of art in terms of its Formal Elements (light, color, space, etc.), Principles of Design (focal point, scale, rhythm, etc.) and Fine Art Medium (oil paint, assemblage, etching, etc).
star emoticon When using the vocabulary, you must define your terms. You will not earn full credit if you do not include a definition for each of the vocabulary terms that you use. Also, discuss how the term is relevant to the work of art.
Example: Pattern is used in “Triumphal Entry.” (This would not earn credit because it did not provide a definition for pattern or explain how it is used in the work of art.)
“Triumphal Entry” incorporates the formal element of pattern in that it repeats the same floral elements throughout the design. (This would earn credit because it states a relevant formal element and defines what that formal element is.)
Use Standard American English including proper punctuation, grammar and capitalization. Cut and paste your Final Paper in the assignment submission. If I cannot open your assignment, it will not be graded. Also, please do not copy definitions from any sources. Use your own words to demonstrate your knowledge of the vocabulary. You should not need to cite any sources.
Chose a work of art from the following list:
Robin Rhode
Romare Bearden
René Magritte
Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife Giovanna Cenami
The Starry Night Leonardo da Vinci
The Last Supper Gustave Caillebotte
Henri Matisse
Harmony in Red Leonardo da Vinci,
Mary Cassatt
Claude Monet
*5 points (up to a total of 5) for each vocabulary term that is used, defined and discussed in relation to the work of art chosen by the student.


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