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You MUST use a minimum of two of the documents
from the packet entitled “documents to be used” for each question. Reference which
documents you use in the text of your answer. Put the document you reference in parentheses.
For example: As you can see in the table, Spain had the first colonies in the New World (fig. 1).
This means that…
It is not enough to merely refer to the figure. You must explain why you chose it and place it in
historical context using information from (ONLY!) the textbook, lectures, and classes.
This is a closed information exam: Referring to information from outside the class (via Google
search, quizlet, Wikipedia, etc…) will result in negative points on the exam. You are only
allowed to use material from the class. You can use your book and notes on the exam, but you
are not allowed to use the internet. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a bad
Review Questions can be found below. Only FOUR of these options will appear on the exam and
you will have to answer three of them.
Please support your answer for each question with at least three good examples drawn from
the evidence and class material. And again, you must use at least TWO OF THE FIGURES
provided in the attached document.
Plagiarism or sharing with other students will result in a report to Academic Affairs and
potential expulsion from Queensborough. Cheating also includes disclosing the contents of
the exam to classmates. Be honest please.
1. During the Colonial Period, why did the Southern colonies, Northern colonies, and
Middle colonies develop such different societies?
2. How do you account for the chronology of colonization of the different European
colonies in America?
3. Compare and contrast the different imperial goals of three of the following European
countries: Holland, France, England, Spain.
4. Compare and contrast European and Native America relations in two of the following
areas: New England, South Carolina, and Virginia.
5. Explain the ways that religion played an important role in the daily lives of the American


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