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You will design a teaching/treatment plan for the client in the vignette below, suffering from major depression with suicidal ideation. Phyllis is 33 years old and has just had her first child three weeks ago. She had a very difficult delivery, was exhausted after 24 hours of hard labor and then took her baby home to an empty house as her husband was in the Army in Afghanistan. Phyllis is hoping that her husband will soon be home on leave but she is totally overwhelmed with caring for the baby alone. Her church is trying to help out but Phyllis feels guilty asking for help when she thinks she should be able to take care of the baby on her own. Phyllis has become increasingly depressed, is not eating well and sleeps only about 2 hours a night. She worries that something will happen to the baby if she is not constantly watching her and fears that her husband will be killed in Iraq. She told someone at church that she “can’t take it any more” and she is thinking about giving up. The pastor at her church is worried that Phyllis might be suicidal.
This teaching plan must include at least the following information:
~Reason and conditions under which you will make a referral for medication evaluation, and how will you discuss this issue with the client
~What does taking medications mean to the client?
~The client has been prescribed which medications and for what purposes?
~How does the client’s diagnosis impact their compliance with meds and are there any cautions one must consider (based on diagnosis) when a client receives meds?
~How will you work with the client regarding their medication usage?
~Classes of medications
~Titration and typical time to attain therapeutic effectiveness
Side effects
~Typical length of treatment
~Answering clients questions, allaying fears/concerns
~What must the client know about their medications?
~Describe your role in working with the client and MD/psychiatrist.
~When should medications be re-evaluated?


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