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You will only have to answer ten questions in thirty-five minutes. The job is going to be on Friday, 6 o’clock, so at 5:55 pm, you’ll be ready. You should review the following topics:
Explain how force affects the motion of an object.
Distinguish between contact forces and field forces.
Define weight and mass.
Identify action-reaction pairs.
Explain why action-reaction pairs do not result in equilibrium.
Explain what an inertial reference frame is.
Explain the relationship between the motion of an object and the net external force acting on it.
Determine the net external force on an object.
Calculate the force required to bring an object into equilibrium.
Describe the acceleration of an object in terms of its mass and the net external force acting on it.
Predict the direction and magnitude of the acceleration caused by a known net external force
Find the direction and magnitude of normal forces.
Describe air resistance as a form of friction.
Use coefficients of friction to calculate frictional force.
Apply Newton’s Laws to various dynamics problems
Define work by relating it to force and displacement.
Identify where work is being performed in a variety of situations.
Calculate the net work done when many forces are acting on an object.
Calculate kinetic energy of an object.
Apply the work–energy theorem to solve problems.
Classify different types of potential energy.
Calculate the potential energy associated with an object’s position.
Calculate the potential energy associated with a stretched or compressed spring.
Identify situations in which mechanical energy is conserved.
Recognize the forms that conserved energy can take.
Solve problems using law of conservation of mechanical energy.
Calculate the rate at which work is done.
Each question must be solved in its steps.


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